Top 5 BDHIPHOP debuts which shook Bangladesh


Back in 2006 a Bangla Rap song titled “Abar Jigay” suddenly took over every sound system in the country including TV channels & Radio Stations. The record inspired and gave birth to many rap artists we have now in the country which are going crazy right now. Due to having less to resources to access the internet broadly no one really knew the team behind this amazing song. Later everything led to this album titled “Light Years Ahead” by Stoic Bliss. The first-ever Bangla Rap album in Bangladesh sold over 250,000 copies within the first 10 months, making Stoic Bliss an emerging music group in Bangladesh. Other songs like Mayabi Chokh, Shesh Barer Moto, Chow Mei Fun were also popular among listeners. This album featured early Stoic Bliss members Xtro, B1shop, Tizzy Montana, Rul, Fly, and Mana, the only female member of the group. 



The Second Bangla Rap song which took over TV, Radio and all the ghetto youth audio speakers were Uptown Lokolz lead single “Ai Mama Ai’ performed & produced by Black Zang, Bigg Spade & Fat Kabs. The official music video of the record debuted on the popular Bangladeshi TV Channel called Banglavision. Uptown Lokolz’ debut album made everyone believe that it really is possible to establish yourself as a hip-hop artist in Bangladesh. The song was from their debut album “Kahini Scene Paat” released from Deadline Music. 



Jalal Set’s debut single took the internet by storm back in 2015 as it was the return of the Bangla Hip Hop OG aka MC Mugz spitting flames on the mic also showcasing his amazing production skills on the record since Deshi MC’s banned Two. Jalali Set is a hip-hop collective consisting of four artists including MC Mugz, Shafayat, Double $ & Sadhu. The song immediately took the internet by storm as the music video was also the directorial debut of MC Mugz along with Shift Haq. 


“Bhanga Bangla” The first Bangladeshi Trap Group, consisting of three members Ivory Shakur, 41X, Young Prince. Ivory Shakur had disappeared from the music scene for some time after he dropped his last project “Black Hearts” which featured some of the coolest artists around such as Rated PG, Stoic Bliss’ one-half Ac1d, and his hip hop family Bengali Crown Fam team. Later he debuted with an entirely new persona and sound instantly becoming the talk of the town. The single which got viral as fuck since Jalali Set’s “Sura Target” is Bhanga Bangla’s “Matha Fatabo” one of the most talked-about verses of the single was by Young Prince. Generating mixed expressions from everyone in the country, Young Prince stole the entire record with his unique style of flow which continued to their later releases as well. Bhanga Bangla ruled the Bangladeshi Hip Hop Scene for years with their amazing set of visuals along with a story leading to their debut album “Made In Bangladesh” which is available for streaming and download on all streaming platforms.


TriGang debuted in the industry with their infamous viral song “Level e Nai,” which literally shook the entire nation with their crazy visuals and lyrics. The song immediately became the talk of the town amongst everyone on the internet. Their style and flow literally made everyone confused about whether it was actually fire or not within the internet rap community. Later, they released another banger produced by the legendary producer Shochi Shams, titled “Shoitan,” making their permanent mark in the industry.

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