Stoic Bliss drops the official visual of “KHANDANI”

Stoic Bliss released the official music video of their anticipated single “Khandani” produced by Shak1r, Performed by Lit Slick, Kazi Rahman & Silma also engineered, mixed, and masted by Shehab Zaman aka Shib Z. The single officially hit all the digital platforms this February 26. Since it’s their major drop after a very long time, the project quickly became the talk of the BDHipHop scene generating mixed reviews from the fans.

Stoic Bliss || KHANDANI – Lit Slick (feat. Silma & Kazzurg) || Official Music Video – YouTube

Stoic Bliss (SB) is a Bangladeshi-American hip-hop band. The team started their musical journey with their Rajib Rahman produced debut album “Light Years Ahead” and The song “Abar Jigay” blew up making them the first Bangladeshi Hip Hop group to milestone the highest-selling Bangla Rap album to date

After their first album XtroB1shopTizzyRulMana, and Fly left the band and the current members of the group are

1. Kazi Rahman
2. Niaz Khan aka AC1D
3. Lit Slick
4. Silma
5. Sadman Shak1r | Fly in the Hood (in-house Producer)

Stoic Bliss released numerous records including two official music videos since their break after the second album. Some of the songs including “Khandani”, “Getting To The Money”, “Parbi Na”, “Aint Fading Out” & more

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