SR101 vs Fokir Lal Miah’s Shutter Speed turning up Sylheti Hip Hop Scene!

It has been a crazy musical beef going on, which is keeping the Sylheti music scene on fire with these monsterous rap crews. Fokir Lal Miah’s Shutter Speed goes head-to-head with Sylhet’s very own Sr101. Both of these amazing crews have been repping Sylheti hip-hop for more than a decade now. They have released numerous crazy hits, which are still rocking the Bangladeshi rap music scene to date.

ছাতক CYPHER – Fokir Lal Miah, FRAZE KHAN, HeadMaster, MRDS, MAH1 | New Bangla Rap Song 2022 (

Fokir Lal Miah released a cipher titled “Chatak Cypher” along with a crazy visual featuring Fraze, Headmaster, MRDS, and Mah1. The cypher immediately set the internet on fire, with fans going crazy at the bars spit by the artists.

OULO |C-let ft. Rhythmsta, Fokhor, SQ & Bangy| SR101MUSIC | Rap Song 2023 (

A few months later, Sr101 lined up all their soldiers and created “OULO.” The song featured killer verses from C-Let, SQ, Fokhor, Bangy, and Rhythmsta. The record was released with a mad music video with all of them rapping and sending messages to the Shutter Speed team.


Later, MRDS took matters into his own hands and released a diss track, “SHAAMLA.” The Shutter Speed marked and went after every single artist that was featured on SR101’s “OULO.”

Bangy returned with another 8 minutes of madness, blasting every single Shutter Speed artist and also revealing some crazy information in the song, which left the audience in awe. The music video for the record also features characters named after the artists from the Shutter Speed crew firing up the beef to another level.

TARGET is the very last song released so far by Shutter Speed. One thing about this entire situation is instead of posting on social media they chose to express themselves through music. The visuals of these records are absolutely amazing, as well as the quality of the music. Target has shut down the entire situation for now, expecting another release from SR101 in the near future.

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