Somrat Sij’s back to back releases “TOBAROK” & “One Man Army”

Somrat Sij recently released two crazy diss records aimed directly at the Wrong Side artist Shezan. Both of them have been going back and forth since Shezan’s “BAAP MODE” was released, but the heat got blown down in between after releasing numerous records by both of the artists. Recently, Taurra Safa released an eight-part phone call talking about the entire beef situation with Mr. Judge, Real Storm, and Somrat Sij. Right after the calls surfaced, the beef sparked again, with diss songs releasing from both sides.


The first record that came out after the beef restarted was “TOBAROK.” The single was dropped along with a music video directed, DOP, edited, and colored by Tasrif Faravi. The sound was produced by Somraj Sij’s frequent collaborator, Sami Tonmoy, and engineered by Critical Mahmood. Somraj Sij has sampled a voiceclip of Taurra Safa, which sounds like it was taken from a phone call.


“ONE MAN ARMY” was released moments before Shezan released “DAFON.” This was the very last record dropped by Somrat Sij in this lyrical war. Produced by Sami Tanmoy and Engineered by Critical Mahmood. The video of this record was shot and directed by Nasimul Mursalin Shakkhar.


Somrat Sij is renowned for his crazy flow and outstanding lyrics. The rapper made his debut with the smash single “High Life,” which quickly went viral on YouTube. Since then, every song Somrat has recorded has been a hit, but when he teamed up with Taurra Safa, everything changed. Sij’s record-breaking performances throughout the years have cemented him as one of the finest in the game. Speaking of poetry, a month ago, he and Shezan gave fans one of the best Bangla rap beefs of all time, with a slew of incredible Diss tracks dropping in quick succession. But recently when the 8 part phone call surfaced on the internet, The beef between Shezan and Somrat Sij has resparked.

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