SoMrat Sij surprises fans with his new single, “Paar Pabina.”

Somrat Sij has blessed fans with a surprise single release titled “Paar Pabina.” Showcasing his brilliant lyricism throughout the entire record, proving why he is one of the best right now. The single came out along with a fire music video, which was shot, edited, and directed by Tasrif Faravi (RTFFlims). The single “Paar Pabina” is Engineered, Mixed & Masted by Critical Mahmood.

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Somrat Sij is known for his wild flow and fantastic lyricism. The rapper debuted on the scene with his popular tune “High Life,” which went viral on YouTube. Since then, every song Somrat has released has been a success, but when he collaborated with Taurra Safa, everything changed. Sij’s record-breaking efforts throughout the years have solidified him as one of the best in the game. Speaking of poetry, a month ago, he and Shezan graced fans with one of the finest Bangla rap beefs of all time, with a plethora of amazing Diss records releasing in rapid succession.

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