Somrat Sij releases new single “Amar Ma” Feat. GK

Somrat Sij surprises fans with a new record titled “Amar Ma,” featuring GK Kibria and music produced by Sami Tonmoy. The song immediately became a fan favorite and took social media by storm. The lyrics of the record are so amazing that the rap community is labeling the song an instant classic. The single came out along with a music video from cinematography by Shakil Ahmed and visuals by Bright Sabuj.

Somrat Sij is known for his crazy flow and amazing lyricism. The rapper broke into the scene with his record “High Life,” which went viral on YouTube. Since then, every song Somrat has put out has become a hit, until he joined forces with Taurra Safa, and things have gone to the next level. Over the years, Sij has proven himself to be one of the best in the game with the series of records he has put out. Speaking of lyricism, a month ago we saw him and Shezan blessing the fans with one of the greatest Bangla rap beefs of all time, with numerous insane Diss records released within a short period of time.

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