Shafayat announces new single “D1207” w/ Skibkhan, Lazy Panda & Awil

Shafayat Hossain is nothing but a nonstop hit machine in the Bangladeshi hip-hop scene. Every single project he has released so far has either gravitated toward a cult following or became a country-wide anthem for everyone. After releasing his last single, which turned out to be one of the most talked-about Bangla rap songs of all time, “DHAMAKA,” featuring The Bachelor Point along with cameos from Wrong Side, Shift Haq, Greencoast, and more,.

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The rapper/producer officially announces a new single, “D1207,” featuring Lazy Panda, Awil, and one of the pioneers of Banglish gangster rap from Deshi MC’s Skibkhan. The word of the project spread like wildfire throughout social media when Shafayat shared some snaps from the video, which also had cameos from Arafat Kabir, Rizwan Tanzim, and more.


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The single D1207 is a gangster rap record where all of them represent the infamous Mohammadpur. The single was officially previewed by Shafayat Hossain himself on a podcast with Rizwan. 

The song was supposed to release along with Taurra Safa’s comeback single back in December last year, but since then, it keeps getting delayed with improvements on both video and audio


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