Rhythmsta releases new single “Baburam (বাবুরাম)”


Recently, Rhythmsta released a new single titled “BABURAM.” The record was dropped along with a music video where Rhythmsta was cruising around with his homies around the city. The “Its AKR Beat” produced song already scored thousands of views within 24 hours on YouTube. The song is written and performed by Rhythmsta himself. Mixed and mastered by Sohan Rahman Shaan from OTG Workstation.

May be a black-and-white image of 8 people, beard, bicycle, street and text

Rhythmsta is one of the rising stars from Sylhet who has been rapping for a very long time now. The up-and-coming superstar from Sylhet is heavily inspired by the legendary Pollob Vai, with numerous hits, multiple collaborations with the greatest Bangla rap artists of all time, and also commercials for brands. Rhythmsta has done it all.

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