Pollob Vai’s first ever Podcast Appearance!

A few days ago, the Sylheti rap icon Pollob Vai made a rare appearance on a podcast with Rizwan. He talked about his entire journey throughout the years in hip-hop. The episode started with Pollob Vai talking about his introduction to hip-hop and how he fell in love with it. It was the song “Abar Jigay” by Stoic Bliss that hooked him on this genre right away. The fast-forward thing went crazy when Rizwan asked him about his long-running beef with Fokir Lal Miah, and Pollob Vai had some interesting things to say. The veteran Bangla hip-hop artist took the chance and apologized to Lal Miah right away, giving hope to the fans about possible collaborations in the future. Not only that, Pollob Vai also teased some big projects getting cooked and may drop anytime this year.

Pollob Vai is known for his insane lyricism and his unique flows on every record. Whenever he is featured on a song, the veteran artist turns it into his own. Every time Pollob Vai drops, it immediately takes over the internet. From Coke Studios to doing big concerts. Pollob Vai has done it all!

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