MC Mugz drops the first single from his upcoming album “KON SE PARA”

MC Mugz returns with his anticipated single from his upcoming studio album, “ROOT BANGLA.” The single immediately became the talk of the scene as the Bangla rap icon shouted out all the OG areas of our country, making it the ultimate street anthem. The single was released along with a crazy visual produced by Snarebyt and a cameo by 5ta Kamrul, Rage Mode, and more.

Back on March 31, MC Mugz shared the project file snap of the song, announcing it as the very first single from his upcoming album. Where he performed the entire song from scratch without any features!

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Root Bangla is rumored to release this year with productions from the legend himself, Beastbuzz from Wrong Side, and more. The solo album of MC Mugz is probably the most anticipated Bangla rap album in history, as he has been cooking it for a very long time since his break from Jalali Set.

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