Guerrillaz of Dhaka releases “GANJAM” tribute to Deshi MCs

Guerrillaz of Dhaka officially releases their first single, “GANJAM,” a tribute to Deshi MC’s. The record was released on June 22, along with a crazy music video. The video was produced by Aziz Badhon made & directed by ABID BIN PARVEZ PRANTO from Mafia Entertainment. The cinematic video showcases a gang war starring Skibkhan and more, along with cameos from MC Shaq, Tmm, Pranto, and more. The song was originally produced by MC Mugz with vocals & lyrics from Skibkhan, MC Shaq, MC Mugz, and Double $ for Deshi MC’s album Banned 2.0. G.O.D. premiered the video at the Heavy Metal T-Shirt showroom, along with the entire cast and artists involved in the project.

May be an image of 6 people and guitar

The band consists of seven artists: Skibkhan, Samael Shahariar, Rian Khan, Ishmam, Nahiyan Hasan, Aiyanur Rahman, and Masfi. Before releasing the tribute to Deshi MC’s, G.O.D. did numerous shows and concerts along with artists like Pritom Hassan, AK Rahul, and more. “Ganjam” is their debut release as Guerrillaz Of Dhaka . Their sound is heavily inspired by bands like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park. G.O.D is Bangladesh’s first ever NU – Mental band, officially releasing music through their own platforms.

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