Aly Hasan teams up with G.M Ashraf, Manam & more on “FREEDOM FROM DIRT”


BD Clean taps Aly Hasan and his team for an anthem to represent their team and work. In the song, Aly Hasan showcases all the usual things we see on the streets every day. From the general public not being conscious and making the streets dirty to politicians using certain things to make their faces famous.

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Aly Hasan originally gained popularity with his insanely viral song “Bebshar Poristithi.” People out here found the lyrics so sympathetic that the song quickly became an instant classic, with memes and millions of views, propelling Aly Hassan to stardom overnight. Aly Hasan is well-known for his insane lyrics and distinctive conversational flow. The way he has been recording songs with his crew, passing mics after every few bars, makes it sound like a group of individuals conversing, which distinguishes him from the other rap artists on the scene. Since “Bebshar Poristithi,” every song Aly Hasan has released has become an instant smash. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest rappers from Bangladesh.

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